Coach Glenn Bolton

Glenn Bolton, is a business coach, affiliate/network marketer & consultant and web developer/service provider, with over 25 years of online and offline experience.

Glenn started his career as an electronics engineer who immediately recognized the power of the internet while working as a support engineer at Microsoft.

Teaching himself web design, before courses even existed, Glenn developed a passion for teaching businesses, direct marketers and network marketers, how to transition their business onto the internet.

Glenn’s skills as a sales, marketing, coaching & systems professional have now been used by a number of affiliate, network and direct marketing companies.

He has run education and training seminars (both live and online) and sold videos and audios of them throughout the world.

He has extensive experience at both corporate & associate level in MLM startups and has traveled to many parts of the world on the back of his networking successes.

Over the years Glenn has also developed a swag of unique sales, marketing, resource materials and automation systems to make your life easier and more profitable.

These tools and technologies have been (and still are) used by literally thousands of marketers across the world.

Using these systems Glenn has created income, time and location freedom, living an idyllic lifestyle and earning a  career-level income from working only a few hours per week.

On this site you can take advantage of Glenn’s years of experience to cut through the ‘noise’ and get to the ‘meat’.

There is a ton of free information on here but if you want the “Millionaire’s View” then you will have to register and be accepted in order to access special ‘insider’ information.

Contact Glenn

Info (AU): +61 488 811 522


If you need additional support outside our coaching sessions, then send me a Skype chat message.