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  • Company” refers to Glenn Bolton and “Trius Technology” (Trius), subsidiary companies and businesses, assigns and contractors. Used interchangeably with “we” and “us”
  • Services” refers to any physical or virtual products and/or services supplied by, or on behalf of the Company.
  • Customer” refers to any end user of the services provided by the Company.
  • Member” refers to any Customer who elects to join a special Member Club for additional benefits.
  • Affiliate” refers to any person, company or entity authorized to market or represent Company products and/or services on behalf of the Company.
  • Supplier” refers to any person, company or entity which provides the Company with Services.
  • Websites” refers to any and all websites owned and maintained by the Company.


The Company has a firm commitment to the privacy of our Visitors, Customers, Members, Affiliates and Suppliers.

Customer, Member, Affiliate and Supplier details may be kept on file in our offices or on our secure servers to facilitate world-class account tracking and customer service. All precautions have been and will constantly be taken to protect these details from persons or organizations not authorized to access them.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL YOUR DETAILS BE PASSED ON TO AN UNAUTHORIZED THIRD PARTY unless directed by law to do so. We will only share the necessary details to process and track your orders and account.

The Company has extensive confidentiality agreements in place with our suppliers and service providers such that they will also adhere our same strict privacy policy. Any parties who do have access to your details (in order to provide services to you) do so under our strict non-disclosure arrangement.

Your details will NEVER be sold to list management or other parties for the purposes of marketing products and services or business opportunities.

We refuse to sell, trade or otherwise transfer any type of member data (email addresses, mailing addresses, etc) to other companies or individuals, except in the case of third party vendors directly involved in the delivery of a product or performance of a service. In such cases, these are only reputable companies that have agreed to abide by our strict privacy policy and have in place their own published privacy policy.

Our tracking systems often require ‘cookies’ to be turned on in your web browser. These are used to facilitate ease of navigation and convenience on your behalf. Under no circumstances do we interrogate your computer or store any of these details on our computers.

We collect visitors’ contact information (such as email addresses) when voluntarily provided to us. Contact information from order forms is only used to fill member orders or to correspond regarding such orders.

Information on related products or services may be received from us in the form of package inserts (included in physical product shipments) or email messages initiated by a sale or enquiry. Visitors or Members will not otherwise be solicited by us or others through any means (phone, email, postal mail, etc.) as a result of giving us access to their personal data.

To keep up to date with new products and services, visitors may “opt-in” to one or more of our email update lists or subscribe to our blog. Subscribers can remove themselves from these list(s) at any time by selecting the unsubscribe option on the website or sending us a “reply” email from the subscribed email address declaring their wish to be removed from the list.

We do not knowingly link to other sites that do not respect the privacy of their visitors, but we cannot be responsible for the practices or content of any such web site.

Our shopping and trading sites have strong security measures in place to protect from the loss, misuse or alteration of information under our control. Our sites use securely encrypted order forms for our Members to make purchases in a safe and private manner.

All data submitted through our secure forms is protected the entire online route, from the member’s computer to ours, with powerful SSL encryption technology. Further security measures are taken to protect such data once it has been received.

Financial information is only used to bill Customers for voluntary purchases of products and services. Under no circumstances is any customer, member or affiliate financial data used without the owner’s authority.

To protect your financial records and credit card information we use and comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) systems where necessary.

Financial information (such as credit cards) are only stored on our financial providers’ secure servers when ongoing subscription services are requested from us. These details are held under strict security and transferred to financial institutions securely using commercial grade (256 bit SSL) security certificates where necessary.

For legal and financial reasons we are required to maintain records of any enquiries or purchases you have made with us but, as detailed above, they are held in strict confidence and not released to any authorised party.


When you purchase from our online shop you can choose from a number of shipping options. We use Australia Post as our default shipping carrier, however, there may be additional options available for your delivery destination.

The price and anticipated delivery time frames are indicated next to each option. Choose your delivery option based upon the price and delivery time you require.

According to Australia Post, typical delivery times in Australia range from next day (express) delivery up to 7 days for regional and outback locations. If your order has not arrived (in Australia) within 7 days then please contact us.

International deliveries can vary greatly depending on the destination so please contact us by phone or email if you wish a delivery time estimate.


Content of this and all Company produced websites is copyright. Breach of this copyright in any way shall bear full legal action against all parties involved in the breach.

Content of this site may be freely copied and distributed subject to the inclusion of the copyright notice and our website address. We request that if you are using our information on your site that you provide a clickable link back to the source of the information on our website.

Alterations to ANY company information is NOT ALLOWED unless authorised in writing by the company.

Under no circumstances shall changes to the informational content (audio, video, print or other materials) be made without prior written authority from the Company.

Members may electronically or physically copy or print pages from their member or affiliate website pages in order to promote the product, services and business opportunity.

This site contains links to other Internet locations. Unless stated otherwise, these links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites, and no information in such site has been endorsed or approved by this site. Appropriate copyright and trademark rights of those sites also remain with the owners of those sites.


You may subscribe or unsubscribe to any opt-in email (or other technology) distribution lists as offered from time to time.

If you have purchased from us then we may communicate with you on a periodic basis. By law we are allowed to send legal and periodic updates that may affect your account with us.

You may request to be removed from such communications, however this may affect the operation of any account you may have with us.


We operate a NO SPAM policy and comply with the Australian SPAM ACT 2003.


Should you need any assistance please contact us

Revised: 10 Sept 2013