Coaching Testimonials

How do you describe a man like Glenn Bolton ?

I suppose i could write a short novel expressing all of his fine qualities, as a coach, and mentor, but somehow, I don’t think it would give the man the justice he deserves.

A more appropriate description of Glenn would be, “your favorite cup of hot chocolate on a cold morning” type of feeling.”  Glenn is warm, and compassionate, mixed with a true dose of down to earth.

If you are lucky enough to meet him, it’s an experience that can change your life.

Glenn is extremely intelligent, i felt a bit cheated that i moved on from his mentorship so quickly. (My fault, of course. I am one of the go getters :))

It would take months to learn a fraction of what he knows.

I want to personally thank him for the wisdom, and feeling of success that he instilled in me on my journey through the maze of business ownership!

If you need answers, Mr Bolton has them, and so much more.

He not only coaches you, he becomes a person you are proud to refer as a friend.

Kamera Kozela (Australia)

From my first day Glenn was very kind to me, always guiding me in every step I took since I started my 21 step.

without a coach like him who understands you and who always reminds you why you are doing this and why it has to work.

I’m really happy have you has my coach and thank you so much for keep pushing me until the end.

I hope I can see you soon in one of the live event Master Mind

Giussepe Almeida (Spain)    

“Glenn’s professionalism and knowledge as a coach has made our transition into this business easy and seamless. Thank you so much Glenn, we look forward meeting you at an event very soon.”

Ric and Nella Bartolozzi (Australia)

“From our first meeting Glenn really made me think about what it was I wanted to do,   constantly reminding my big Why, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them through MOBE 21stepbusiness program. I could go on and on with superlatives, but suffice it to say that if you are looking for someone to confide in and guide you to success, look no further than my man: Glenn Bolton.”

Kamarul Nordin (Malaysia)

“I found Glenn (to be) very keen and interested in the success of the ‘whole person’. He showed this interest by his ability to reach the individual person in his/her own level. His gift of creativity and enthusiasm contribute to the quality of his coaching presentation. He seems to have the gift and skills of being able to attract and hold the students’ attention and interest. I have confidence in his giftedness, competency and honesty, and in his working collaboratively with others. From your grateful student…”

Pesio I’a (Australia)

“Its an honour to have learned from great minds like yours Coach Glenn Bolton. Very knowledgeable and humble man. i thoroughly enjoyed every meeting with you. Thank you very much for opening doors of freedom for me. I am humbly grateful for your level of respect and spirit to share and grow others to become better human being.”

Mabaka Monakgisi (South Africa)

“Hello Glenn, I hope this message finds you well.  I want to take this time to thank you for all your guidance through my first steps of the 21 steps training. I really enjoyed working with you and one of the things that made me take that leap into my business with MOBE was that I had a coach like you that was there for me at all time when I had a question or concern. You are definitely a great coach on which anyone will get enormous support, knowledge, and most important time to answer all of our questions. I recommend your services to all those that are looking for a great coach in the MOBE business.”

Thamara De La Cruz (USA)

“I just finished Step 8 working with my coach Glenn Bolton. He has now sent me over to a Senior Business Coach to go on to finish my Step 9 through Step 21 process. Glenn has been the epitome of professionalism & tutoring. These 21 Steps have many aspects and preparations to them, but Glenn has been totally supportive in each step we’ve covered, so it has made each step seem to have gone much faster than I realized. I have been very fortunate to have a coach, guide & what I would consider a friend…in my introduction to MOBE training. Thank you Glenn. I feel the success, that’s there & available for anyone willing to follow the proven steps to it.”

Alexander Diamonds  (USA)

“Hey Glenn, I just had to drop a line to say how much I appreciate all the valuable time and energy you have put into these coaching calls and emails. Really enjoyed the conversations especially the great analogies you give that paint the picture very clearly for me to understand and move ahead. Thank you for your kind guidance. You are truely an inspiration great asset to this business. Thank you so much for your time and help. I feel very privileged to have experienced your coaching and words of wisdom.”

Jeanne Ang (Australia)

“Just a quick, but very sincere thank you for your excellent “coaching” over the past 2 weeks. You have been very patient, understanding and positive in your approach in both our personal and MOBE dealings. I really appreciated your calm, friendly, yet businesslike attitude in all our discussions. Loved your promptness on our Skype calls. I really hope we can continue our friendship as I progress through my MOBE business. I wish you well and happy kite surfing. Regards, Jim”

Jim Thoms (Australia)

“My experience with Glenn is excellent, he is strait forward, to the point, sincere kind, and easy for me to communicate with, making me happy to work with MOBE, I have watch a lot of Videos in the pages and in the Top Earners Extra Training section and I have seen many of your team been selected kind and I am sure very aggressive people to have such success in the market and with your support their success will be limitless. I am truly looking forward to be part of your team. Thank you Glenn for all the support you gave me, It was a pleasure working with you.Regards, Paul”

Paul Baltas (USA)

“Glenn is a great coach..he make sure you understand glad to have him.just how happy he sound makes me push forward and work harder..i hope i can keep him til i hit my 21st step which is to the end…thanks he get 10 thumbs up great coach and i feel you oick the right coach for the job.”

Tewonda Streater (USA)

“Hi Glenn, I want to thank you for what you did for me, you checkup on me you make sure I sent every
exam to the end of the steps. you spoke to me very nice and was very calm on all occasions.
you make me very happy, and positive to be a part of MOBE.. I hate to lose you!? Thanks Lucille”

Lucille Singh (USA)

“Just like to thank you for your coaching in the past few weeks. You have been a patient and encouraging coach to me. Wishing you good health and great success ! God Bless !”

Yu Hsia (Singapore)

“Glad I have you as my coach” – Germain Joseph (USA)

“Thanks glen you’ve been a great coach.” – Adrian Hammond (USA)